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dfbm-22 - cdr - 2014

Steve Palmer

Unblinking Sun

Palmer is a Fahey nut and guitar obsessive. For his full length he explores the experimental side of American Primitivism and even takes the Autobahn to Düsseldorf to get some canned Kraut goods. Limited to 70 in…

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dfbm-21 - tape - 2014

C. Strøm

I Have Heard of a Land

Outsider folk from Norway. Charming and heartwarming Americana in best lo-fi fashion. Imagine The Carter Family and Daniel Johnston are emigrating to Europe, taking with them only their instruments, their songs, and an old tape recorder. They end up…

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dfbm-19 - cdr - 2013

Wes Tirey

I Stood Among Trees

Heartwrenching lyrics and finger picked steel strings evoking images of gone days. Screen printed folder, 16-page booklet with found photographs. Re-release of I Stood Among Trees EP with 3 more tracks, so it makes an album now!

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dfbm-18 - cdr - 2013

Sean Proper

Design Engine

Release date: Oct, 6th 2013 Deft fingerpicking swells to epic fingershredding. Dark and isolated solo acoustic guitar sounds from the Sunshine State of Florida. SOLD OUT

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dfbm-17 - cdr - 2013

Various Artists

Dying For Bad Music

A compilation with artists from the DFBM catalogue. Unheard, rare, unexpected and regular material to celebrate the previous Mt. Elephant and Rag Lore release. This edition is only available if you order dfbm-15 and dfbm-16…

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dfbm-16 - cdr - 2013

Rag Lore

Sabah el Mitragyna Reveries

Rag Lore from the Poor Farm presents pure american primitive space blues. It feels like he's pulling and sliding the steel strings through your head, from one ear to the other. ~ 45 minutes (incl.…

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