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Music for Headphones - 2011 -

Music for Headphones
2011 -

Genre: Neo Krautrock, Space Rock, Kosmische Musik Label: self is a solid piece of Spacerock. Floating, romantic, kosmisch. The coverartwork may remember you on Kraftwerk's Autobahn and this is just one reference. The album sounds lik …
Magdalena Solis - 2010 - Hesperia (Tape/Digital)

Magdalena Solis
2010 - Hesperia (Tape/Digital)

Genre: Psychedelic Label: Upcoming release Dying For Bad Music February 2011 Who was Magdalena Solis is real? There is not so much to find about her. She was something like the High Priestess of Blood in an obscure cult in Mexico around 1963. …
Junip - 2010 - Robe and Summit

2010 - Robe and Summit

Genre: Krautrock, Indie Pop Label: Mute (release it physically) Swedens Junip offer you their new EP for free, just for giving away your soul. Ok, it's just your e-mail adress. But how do they sound like? I would say perfect, laid back and spacey in …
Lüger - 2010 - Lüger

2010 - Lüger

Genre: Krautrock, Kosmische Musik Label: Giradiscos Similar to We are Wolves A project from Spain rooted in german psychedelic music, called Krautrock. For me, the swirrling synths are the most german kraut reference (beside the faux (?) german band …
Woodsman - 2010 - beko_34

2010 - beko_34

Genre: Krautrock, Psych Label: Beko Beko is a really nice conceptual netlabel. It provides digital singles each monday from more or less known artists. So far I only knew Sore Eros from their list, but it's a really good one (that Sore Eros release) …
Das Rhythmische Ornament - 2001 - Vakuroom III (Re-mastered)

Das Rhythmische Ornament
2001 - Vakuroom III (Re-mastered)

Genre: Krautrock, Space-Punk Obscure german project with long floating, improvised tracks. The basic recordings were repetetive drumming and murky floating bass-/organ-/synthlines and enriched later with additional sounds.Trippy and spaced out direc …
Ejwuusl Wessahqqan - 1975 - s/t

Ejwuusl Wessahqqan
1975 - s/t

Style: Krautrock, Improv Label:Private Press/Garden of Delight ReRelease Similar Artists:early Tangerine Dream, Amon Düül etc. One of my favorite Krautrock records. While nearly every german jazzy/blues rock/heavy rock fart, pressed on vinyl from 1 …

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