Imaginational Anthem Vol. X - Overseas Edition

I'm happy to announce the release of a new edition of Imaginational Anthem, the well know compilation series of new solo acoustic guitar music by Tompkins Square.

Within a month, that was overshadowed by a global pandemic, I was able to get 15 fantastic tracks of more or less well know guitarist from the other side of the ocean[1]. From Iberia up to the Scandinavia. 

All thanks and praise to these fantastic artists for delivering such high quality work on such short notice. Thanks to Josh Rosenthal of Tompkins Square for providing the platform and letting me do my thing.

All tracks are exclusive and sometimes created under weird circumstances like a lock down or post surgery.

Since this is a digital-only release, I created a mini website/digital booklet for you to read about the music and the artists, because that's the other great part about music – getting down rabbit holes.

Imaginational Anthem Vol. X - Overseas Edition Booklet

The best way to listen to this compilation and to download it, is via bandcamp - especially today!

[1] depending on which side you are on, but since Tompkins Square is an American label, I've choosen to describe it that way.