What's up? (update)

There are many questions that no one has asked me yet. Like “Is the label dead?”, “Are you still reviewing music?”, “Are there any new mixtapes coming?”, “Isn’t American Primitive deemed a slur/cultural appropriation/inappropriate/exclusive?”, “Do you even like music anymore?”

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What's up?

Hey, just a quick note (and if you are following DFBM on twitter or facebook you have noticed) – I'm not dead. Just a bit sleepy, overwhelmed, distracted. I've got a long list of music to share, mixes to make, questions to ask and even releases in the back of my head. But there is only so much time and so many things to do, to learn and to deal with. Bla bla... To not miss anything, subscribe to the RSS feed (if you care for privacy) or follow the known social media platforms.

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New Releases Winter 2016 - Crystalline Roses and Moses Nesh
Psychedelic Mountain Music and Old-Time Blues by Anthony Pasquarosa and Moses Nesh.

This took forever, but I am happy to finally announce two new releases on Dying For Bad Music – Anthony Pasquarosa as Crystalline Roses and Moses Nesh as himself. Both cassettes are reissues of privately released recordings. My hope is they get quite a few more listeners and fans, because it’s a pretty interesting take on America’s musical past.

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