What's up? (update)

There are many questions that no one has asked me yet. Like “Is the label dead?”, “Are you still reviewing music?”, “Are there any new mixtapes coming?”, “Isn't American Primitive deemed a slur/cultural appropriation/inappropriate/exclusive?”, “Do you even like music anymore?”

All of these question can be answered with a very specific: maybe/it depends.

Since the social media world becomes unglued and fractured, you'll find Dying For Bad Music almost everywhere, but on Instagram.

First and foremost, subscribe to this ancient RSS newsfeed if you are an old school web user who loved Google reader.

For more frequent updates check out Tumblr where I might be the most active, posting 20% original content, 70% reblogging stuff that I find interesting and 15% ripping of meems from the dying twitter space.

Mastodon, I don't know, maybe just send an email.

Soulseek is still a thing, btw. let me know.

And please don't send vinyl or CDs from outside the EU! We both get poor: you're paying exorbitant shipping fees, me paying customs and fees. If you send something, mark it as GIFT, else I have to pay 10+ EUR for something I didn't ask for :-(.

That's the world the anti-globalists asked for.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you, and I'm always interested in American steel string guitar music, old weird southern gospel from the Appalachian region, outsider art and music and things like that.