Os Ovni - 2011 - BEKO ♥ 81

Os Ovni
2011 - BEKO ♥ 81

Os Ovni - 2011 - BEKO ♥ 81

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Genre: Synth Psych Dream Heart Duo.
Label: Beko (and others) - Website

Duo from Austin/TX with two minimal synth tracks. Maybe it's part of that so called Witch House genre. Don't know, because don't care that much about this Neo Goth shite. But I enjoyed this shorty very much, because of this nice Kraftwerk cover of Radioactivity (see original below). These fat jagged sawtooth oscillations and analogue bleeps are just haunting. A special bonus goes out for their Twin Peaks work.
So nothing more to add, check the samples below and



Video to "You can fall" from BEKO 81

OS OVNI :: Just You and I :: /Twin Peaks\ by OS OVNI

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