Cone - 2008 - Massimo

2008 - Massimo

Cone - 2008 - Massimo

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Genre: Psych Folk, Instrumental, Field Recording
Label: fieldmuzick (DE)

If you like Six Organs of Admittance...
Second EP by the dutch artist Cone / Hermann Blaupunkt. A guy who is running Casa Cassetta an analogue recording studio as well.
This EP mixes field recordings (on portable tape recorders) from Sicily with psychy folk guitar meanders. Very nice soundtrack like a surreal trip on the beach in the evening.
Check it out!
Repetitive sounds played on the six strings, while adding nice field recordings from a theatre, a train and the beach. The field recordings play a small role here, but they certainly add a nice element to the bittersweet guitar melodies. (Vital Weekly)

  1. Bus Stop Wake Up
  2. Fire On The Mountain
  3. Massimo's Secret Room
  4. On the Beach
  5. Summer Storm (Bonus)

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