Mirko Uhlig - 2010 - An Ear For Love; The Rabbit's Locked Book

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Mirko Uhlig
2010 - An Ear For Love; The Rabbit's Locked Book

Mirko Uhlig - 2010 - An Ear For Love; The Rabbit's Locked Book

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Genre: minimal drone epiphany
Label: Montevideo Records
If you like William Basinski, Hafler Trio

Another young man from the Beethoven town at the mighty river Rhine and maybe the most famous after Beethoven and Guido Westerwelle and Max Ernst. Ok, before G. Westerwave ;-).
Mirko is one of the drone musicans who dig his own way in the mud of mediocre drone music. (everyone can record a humming old e-organ, right?). So let's call him the king of mediocre drone music. Because the first class is occupied by better known artists. But this doesn't mean they are better. Just better known...

Anyway - here, Uhlig released two stunning records.
The first An Ear of Love is the last part of an triology and the missing link between "VIVMMI" and "Storm: Outside Calm Tamed".
Guess why it starts solely on the left channel. It's about cutting and giving.
So this is a masterpiece of quiet static drone. It's like levitation. Pure magic!

An Ear For Love by Mirko Uhlig

The Rabbit's Locked Book is similar at it's quietest moments but holds some more surprising changes. It's inspired by David Lynch and it could be the background athmosphere of one of his movies.
First released on Field Muzick label in 2007 it's now available in an extented edition with an additional reworked version and some short drone sketches.

The Rabbit's Locked Book by Mirko Uhlig

So you should download these two great pieces for an amount of zero till 1000 EUR and maybe it's your last chance to hear such great drones before Uhlig devotes to his new passion of building landscapes instead of soundscapes, with model railway stuff.

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