Mixtape #31 - Stoop Sittin Mixtape (Guest Mixtape by Mr & Mrs Smith)

Mixtape #31
Stoop Sittin Mixtape (Guest Mixtape by Mr & Mrs Smith)

Mixtape #31 - Stoop Sittin Mixtape (Guest Mixtape by Mr & Mrs Smith)

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Genre: Folk

This Mixtape is a guest submission of Hollis Smith aka Mr. & Mrs. Smith (see DFBM release and postings) with a selection of great songs. Hope you enjoy!

This here is a down home kinda mix with a twist.
I began the idea of the mix with the sound of Emily Lacy in my head an L.A. based musician.
I got hooked on a song titled Winter Dawn from her 2009 release Armor asked her if she had anything to contribute to a mixtape and sure enough she has a brand new release Country Singer which the track Take is on.
I kept up with the L.A. theme a bit with Tommy Santee Klaus and a track from his brand new album Rakes.
and another L.A. Artist, old pal of mine Amanda Jo Williams who is on the new L.A. Hot list to keep an eye on, with a track she sent to me BE GOOD.
Amanda an Tommy recently put out a release covering eachother's songs, they both did a swell job putting a new spin on the songs in their own light.
With this sound theme I picked tracks from here and there that have been buzzing in my ears this year with some tracks picked for special events, the NYC outburst of bedbugs with quite a classic tune, and the death of Captain Beefheart who really added a twist to the music world.
Starting the mixtape with Sandra Sarra and a lovely lil press the record button ditty she sent to me,
Ending with September 29th's standout cover of Auld Lang Syne.
Not much more to say.
Thank You to the Artists contributing.
I do hope yall enjoy!
Cheers to a new 2011 beginning and the end of 2010.

  1. Sandra Sarra - Before I Thought of You
  2. bemuzic - Sheep Shit Blues
  3. Lisa Will Insult You, Darling - Gospel Gir
  4. Heroin and Your Veins - Intoxication
  5. Ruby Throat - Billows Her Skirt
  6. The Moondoggies - Just Makes Sense to Me
  7. The Dutchess And The Duke - Hands
  8. Emily Lacy - Take
  9. British Sea Power - Come Wander with Me
  10. Tommy Santee Klaws - Twenty Years
  11. Bessie Smith - Mean Old Bedbug Blues
  12. Gil Scott-Heron - Where Did the Night Go
  13. Joe Purdy - Strait Jacket
  14. The Dutchess and the Duke - Living This Life
  15. Morningbell - Marching off to War
  16. Amanda Jo Williams - BE GOOD
  17. Aunt Molly Jackson - Witch Storie
  18. Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Diddy Wah Diddy
  19. September 29th - Auld Lang Syne

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