TOP 20 - 2010 at dying for bad music blog

TOP 20
2010 at dying for bad music blog

TOP 20 - 2010 at dying for bad music blog

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So here is my list of the best records 2010.
I am sure I've missed something, but anyway...
Again it's a mixture of stuff we featured here on DFBM blog - so it's mostly free for download, provided by independent artists.
  • 20. Tyvek - 2010 - Nothing Fits (MySpace)
    fresh Garage Punk
  • 19. Michael Gira - 2010 - I Am Not Insane (MySpace)
    Raw and reduced to the bones. A few droning guitar chords and a voice.
  • 18. Fabulous Diamonds - 2010 - Fabulous Diamonds II (MySpace)
    Drum'n'Organ Krautsounds. Say hello to the Silver Apples
  • 17. Birdengine - 2010 - The Crooked Mile
    Makes it on this list in the last moment. Unique dark folk music.
  • 16. Waggers Over The Station - 2010 - Upekkha
    The waggers didn't get that much attention I suppose I don't know why, because it's awesome multilayered athmosphereic sound collages/folk.
  • 15. Hiss Hog Porkestra - 2010 - Cinnamon Shops Suite
    Nick Castell is a really talented young guy who plays this authentic drone folk music. Highly Recommended!
  • 14. The Goner - 2010 - Behold A New Traveler
    Great Psych Folk band from Sweden, with their awesome Within the Hour, an epic track with a beautiful and sad banjo picking over a sadcore like theme.
    I am happy to re-release their Sidemarks EP on Dying For Bad Music label.
  • 13. Sacred Harp - 2010 - Apparitions at the Kenmore Plantation
    Wonderful droning and shimmering guitarmusic in vein of John Fahey and Robbie Basho.
  • 12. MGMT - 2010 - Congratulations
    Even if Kids and Time to Pretend are mainstream and overheard by everyone - they were able to create a great follower. To be honest there are some really lame titles on the record, but Song for Dean Treacy, Brian Eno, It's working and Flash Delirium outweigh the boring tracks.
    They keep their humour and creativity despite the pressure of a major contract. And they know their roots. So this is really fun to listen.
  • 11. The Art Museums - 2010 - Rough Frame (MySpace)
    If Glenn Donaldson (The Skygreen Leopards) takes hand on something it must be good. So this sounds as they take an old drumbox and visiting Dean Tracey (Television Personalities) to play some songs together.
    Really fun record.
  • 10. German Error Message - 2010 - To Carry Alongside
    German Error Message made a perfekt melancholic Indie Pop record. Warm and intimate.
  • 9. Donovan Quinn & the 13th Month - 2010 - Your Wicked Man (YouTube)
    If Jason Quever of Papercuts puts his hands on Donovan Quinns (Skygreen Leopards) music, something great must happen.
  • 8. Beach House - 2010 - Teen Dream
    I cannot help but, 10 Miles Stereo and Silver Soul are perfect songs, and it was really touching see them live. Perfect!
  • 7. Michael Taras - 2010 - White Noise EP
    First attempt in songwriting by this still unknown musican and it resulted in a beautiful dreamy pop EP and a following album.
  • 6. Summer Fiction - 2010 - Summer Fiction
    This may going to be bigger next year I suppose. And there is a reason for that. Summer Fiction recorded some really beautiful pop songs in best sixties tradition.
  • 5. Sean Nicholas Savage - 2010 - Movin Up In Society
    Love on first listen
  • 4. Motorama - 2010 - Alps
    Don't know how often I played Ghost, Alps or Warm Eyelids (around 30x).
    Post-Punk from russia with lots of positive vibes, danceable and catchy.
  • 3. Least Carpet - 2010 - Least Carpet
    Can't stop listen to this at the beginning of 2010 and I am happy to got him on Dying For Bad Music label.
    Wonderful Psych Folk in vein of Steven R. Smith.
  • 2. Dreamend - 2010 - So I Ate Myself, Bite by Bite
    I think the repeating banjo pattern makes it to one of the best records of 2010. But not only that - the whole conception of the album, the artwork and the story about this killer wrapped in wonderful folky tunes makes this album so awesome.
  • 1. Land Of Blood And Sunshine - 2010 - Into The Mystery
    I loved LOBAS from the first listen. Catchy melodies clashes with a raw stomping sound, like kicking a bucket full of great pop records in a damp cellar.

Notable Mentions
  • Nerve City - 2010 - Sleepwalker EP (MySpace)
    Very catchy raw garage sounds.
  • Victor Florence - 2010 - Thunderstorm EP/Trapeze Artist EP
    "The Victor Florence Experience is like extracting enough iron from human blood to make a sword." Nothing to add!
  • Mountainhood - 2010 - The Boat-Maker's Daughter
    Nothing really new from Michael Hilde, but worth to press this on vinyl. I am always in love with his music and art.
  • Future Islands - 2010 - In Evening Air
    Nice and comapct sounding follower. Good for listening at home.
  • Coldair - 2010 - Persephone
    Great music from a great young man from Poland.
  • Nick Castell - 2010 - Rue d'Isabelle
    The guy behind Hiss Hog Porkestra with great guitarmusic in vein of Robbie Basho and similar.
  • Arcade Fire - 2010 - The Suburbs
    Surprising and varied album. I like it.
  • The Humms - 2010 - Lemonland (MySpace)
    Garage Pop with lot's of fun. After a great EP this is a cool full length album.

Discovered too late:
  • Timber Timbre - 2009 - s/t (YouTube)
    wonderful sparse and dark record.
  • Adrian Crowley - 2009 - Season of the Sparks (YouTube)
    Beautiful record.

  • of Montreal -2010 - False Priest
    I love every single record by Kevin Barnes, but with his move to the fuck funk sexadelic r'n'b sound I lose a bit of interest and the new album was disappointing.
    He is really a great musican and songwriter and I respect him, but this record is just not my cup of tea, sorry.

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Feel free to post you top list in the comments. I love to see them.
And brave the winter.

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