Jared Fairfield - 2010 - Mysteries

Jared Fairfield
2010 - Mysteries

Jared Fairfield - 2010 - Mysteries

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Genre: Lo-Fi Folk, Pop
Label: self

Last year we get a really nice handmade cassette by Jared Fairfield. He is somehow related to the Mt. Moon, Jakob Battick Crew and he is still doing music with the latter one.
Anyway - Mysteries is a pretty charming and varied album. You will find many details and playful moments under the booming lofi sound. From freaky folk pop to bad ass stoner rock sidekicks. Most significant is the relation to sixties psychedelic pop like in the title track or The Queen.

Find below a video of Jakob Batticks forthcoming release Bloodworm Songs featuring Jared Fairfield.
[mp3] Jared Fairfield - The Queen



Jakob Battick & Friends- 'Three Orphans' (Bloodworm Songs) from JakobBattick&Friends on Vimeo.

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