Navigator - Bad Children

Bad Children

Navigator - Bad Children

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Genre: Lo-Fi, Folk
Label: Magic Goat

If you like the Woods and catchy poppy lo-fi tunes with lot distortion (Neutral Milk Hotel?;-)!)
While listen to this record, I get that heart touching feeling like when listened to the Woods, the first time.
I know, it sucks to compare, but to give you a hint, imagine Win Butler of Arcade Fire do a record with Woods. This record got it, the distortion and saturation, the high pitched voice, the catchy pop tunes. Blood give me such a strange feeling - his singing voice, the shaky drums, the distorted atmosphere... oh wow...
And of top of all, this record is free! Not because it's posted here, no the guy behind, Braden J McKenna put in online on his label site. It will be released as hardcopy in august, but for now, you can grab it for free. (I just tagged the files correctly and re-up it). And that's not enough, on his website you will find much more Navigator records and related project. So check for full distortion blizz.
And you can buy some discs. So enough - here are Navigators Bad Children...

  1. Danger Dragon
  2. Ghost
  3. Awake
  4. Cave Song
  5. Change
  6. Work Is Done
  7. Blood
  8. Promised Land
  9. Jesus Christ
  10. Found A Fox

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