Sam Moss - 2011 - Eight Constructions

Sam Moss: 6 and 12 string guitars, banjo
Jordan Fuller: saw on track 8
All selections by Sam Moss except tracks 3 and 5, which are traditional
Recorded in December 2010 in Boston, MA by Jordan Fuller

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Sam Moss
2011 - Eight Constructions

Sam Moss - 2011 - Eight Constructions

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Genre: Folk, Acoustic, Appalachian
Label: self

While planning that William Tyler gig in my ex-hometown, I came across another great guitar player. Sam Moss from Boston, born in 1989 plays amazing finger style guitar. John Fahey, Delta-Blues, Appalachian music are clearly influences as well as the new weird america labeled blend of the mentioned styles + heavy tonal freak outs on psychedelic drugs.

This album's got it all, floating and shimmering guitar figures, droning and ringing strings, atonal scratches, bluesey tunes.

Tip: No Harvest and Interiors

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