Own Road - Own Road EP

Written, recorded, mixed & produced by Simon Skjødt Jensen at home in Aarhus & Copenhagen.
Mastered by Mads Bordinggaard.

© Neh Owh Records 2010/ © Dendron Records 2012

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Own Road
Own Road EP

Own Road - Own Road EP

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Genre: Psych Folk/Singer-Songwriter
Label: Neh-Owh-Records

Another fine release from Denmark, a country known for it's stinky, but tasty Havarti cheese.
Folky Weirdo Pop miniatures with lots of nice details and ideas.
The songwriting by Simon Skjødt seems to be based on an American folk-tradition. Yet it doesn´t seem to come from any specific time or place. Own Road is both the past and the future. Own Road is the lonely cowboy at the fireplace. It is avant-dreampop and trendy neo-psychedelic NYC style. But being trendy is not and issue. Own Road makes his own path to fullfill his wicked ambitions. Own Road uses guitar, mandolin and more excotic instruments to create his special atmospheres.

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