Mixtape #2 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Mixtape #2
While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Mixtape #2 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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Genre:Psych Folk, LoFi, Acoustic

Next round of my selection of bad music. This time more acoustic stuff. Hopefully you will find something new and I am sure you will ;-).
At this point I've got a request. If someone can provide more by Leopards Meat and/or Khemo Rabbit, that would be great!
So, I hope you enjoy and more will come...

  1. mountainhood - [goldeness being part i] Kria Blisses' Journey into Infinyte Nyght and Return to Washington State
  2. The Vévé Seashore - [Hermit Haven] Seven Inch Script III
  3. Kallabris - [A Smile For Brandon] so what?
  4. Low - fye - [Trained Ghosts] Don't Look
  5. bearhug - [Birds EP] Out of the cave
  6. Leopard Meat - [Karma Burns] the past will come back to haunt your family
  7. A Drum and an Open Window - [There Will Be Fields for Us] Mt Eriee Song
  8. Meursault - [demo 2007] blindfolds
  9. Leafes - [In The Mountain's Belly] Wooden Lung
  10. Birdengine - [The Black Dictaphone EP] Monster In The Town
  11. Lau Nau - [Nukkuu #11] Painovoimaa, Valoa
  12. The Folk Spectre - [The Blackest Medicine] Highway Kind
  13. Ganglians - [Woodsist 12"] The Void
  14. The Vévé Seashore - [The Vévé Seashore - The Seven Years Of Gulliver] Fuck! You are so pretty I'd like to smash my face with a hammer
  15. The Birdtree - [Orchards & Caravans] Everyone Of Us A New Leaf
  16. Neutral Milk Hotel - [Hype City Soundtrack] Wood Guitar

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