dfbm #71 - Not On Air Tonight

dfbm #71
Not On Air Tonight

dfbm #71 - Not On Air Tonight

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Welcome to another dfbm online mix. First, I tried to bring this mix to spotify, even if I don't like the idea, I realized that is how many listen to music. But it didn't work. First, it was not easy to convert my playlist to a spotify playlist. Second it missed half of the mix, because there is just not everything on spotify, or it got replaced with wrong titles. So the overall experience wasn't good and I trashed it. I tried mixcloud and didn't like that you have to upload one big chunk of a music file and then start afterwards to add the cues. Nope!

8tracks has been the best service so far, since it keeps the tracklist intact. Do people even download a big zip file of mp3? What would you prefer? Write it in the comments!

So this mix starts with The Haiduks from Canda - 1968 is a great album and I mentioned it here several times over the years. They have a new one coming so follow their bandcamp (see playlist).

Pretty late it occured to me that the TV Personalities used pieces of Eight Miles High by The Byrds. I dug into Index's discography and wondered why Eight Miles High was even covered by Leo Kottke, since Index is not super well known - well now I know - they all covered it from The Byrds. I came quite late to that party, but better late than never.

SQRM and Heaven and Earth Magic are both projects by the super prolific and all over the place acting Anthony Pasaquarosa. Sweet and heavy psych!

26 is Doc Corbin Dart's latest/last musical output.


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  1. The Haiduks ~ I'm Still Here – (from 1968, 2011) web
  2. Television Personalities ~ King And Country – (from Yes Darling, But Is It Art?, 1995) amazon
  3. Mean Wind ~ Darius Rucker is Dead (Chord Progressians Cover) – (2011) web
  4. Morgan Delt ~ Sad Sad Trip – (from Psychic Death Hole, 2012) web
  5. Omar Khorshid ~ Banadi A Lek (Farid Al Atrache) – (from Live in Australia 1981, 2014) amazon
  6. The Fentones ~ Simla Beat Theme – (from Love, Peace & Poetry - Asian Psychedelic Music, 1999) amazon
  7. SQRM ~ White Rabbit – (from White Saints EP, ) amazon
  8. Chrome ~ Kinky Lover – (from The Visitation, 1976) amazon
  9. Andy Robbins ~ Wooden Car – (from Two Horses, 2009) web
  10. And The Lefthanded ~ L.V.K.M. 1972 – (from In The Kingdom Of Shadows, 2004) amazon
  11. Velvet Illusions ~ Velvet Illusions – (from Velvet Illusions , 2015) web
  12. The Seventh Ring of Saturn ~ Teli Teli Teli – (2015) web
  13. Jacco Gardner ~ Hypnophobia (Live bij 3voor12 Radio) – (2015) amazon
  14. China ~ Pinwheels Spinning – (from Towards The Sun, 2015) web
  15. Land of Blood and Sunshine ~ Hollow Visionist – (from AEONS, 2015) web
  16. Sharon Tate's Children ~ Give It – (from Give It!, 1991) amazon
  17. Erkin Koray ~ Cemalim – (from Elektronik Türküler, 2008) amazon
  18. Pink Floyd ~ Scream Thy Last Scream – (from Interstellar Overdrive (The Alternate Masters '66-'68), 1966) amazon
  19. Humid ~ Candyfan – (from Humid, 1996) amazon
  20. Index ~ Eight Miles High – (from Black Album / Red Album / Yesterday & Today, 2010) amazon
  21. The Rest ~ Raga – (from Messthetics # 1: UK '78-81 "D.I.Y." - Bands R-to-Si, ) amazon
  22. Heaven And Earth Magic ~ I Ain't Yours – (from Complete Works, 2014) web
  23. Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band ~ I Ain't Waiting – (from Intensity Ghost, 2014) amazon
  24. The Beatitudes ~ So Much – (from The Grace Of Mystery EP, 1983) amazon
  25. The Serpent Power ~ Endless Tunnel – (from The Serpent Power, 1967) amazon
  26. Voice Of The Seven Woods ~ The Fire In My Head – (from Voice Of The Seven Woods, 2007) amazon
  27. 26 ~ Nothing In The Air – (from The Messiah, 2006) amazon


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