Gangsta Love - Spiritual Thangz EP

All music and soundz by Frank Hurricane.
Dedicated to all the headz in Bostonia, Massachusstayhigh.

Recorded in the Whitehaus Basement in Paradise Fall 2011.
Much PEACE LOVE and HIGHdration to all of the Universe.
If you buy the digital album, I will send you something HEAVENLY in the mail!

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Gangsta Love
Spiritual Thangz EP

Gangsta Love - Spiritual Thangz EP

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Genre: hippy gansta hop psych blues

Frank Hurricane is the leader of an one man (?) hippy/folk ensemble. We featured him some time ago with his Hurricanes of Love project. Great lofi hippy folk blues, with a nice an unusual turn to rap music in between all the acoustic guitars.
Now he recorded a full hip hop album. I don't know what people think about that, who are really interested in hip hop (culture). I just enjoy some classic Beastie Boys tracks or the the great Curse Ov Dialect from time to time, but my interest in Hip Hop stopped 20 years ago, with Fear of a Black Planet by Public Enemy haha... Fear of a Black Planet... Tyler the what?
Anyway... I don't know the roots of Frank's Lofi Casio Hip Hop Folk Blues, but it's good. It's somehow a modern Abner Jay... or... I don't know. Check it yourself... It's not free, because the rap guys want become rich, ya know...


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