Animal Flag - Everything Will Be Okay

Ellen Appleton: Violin and viola
Capen Evans: Vocals
Olivia Fortunato: Harp
Sabe Herreid Flores: Cello
Jeff Kinsey: Electric bass
Adam Kronowski: Drums
Andrew Lawrence: Upright bass
Dave Paul: Trombone
Matthew Politoski: Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, piano, keyboards, and percussion

Written and arranged by Matthew Politoski
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Billy Centenaro
Original artwork by Lindsey Patkos

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Animal Flag
Everything Will Be Okay

Animal Flag - Everything Will Be Okay

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This is gentle bedroom folk by young people from the States. I imagine it's a perfect listen on a sunday morning in bed.

And everything will be okay...

And because of the fact the lyrics to Winter's Dream resonate in me, here they are:

Dear, when you hear those night bugs sing 
Remember me 
Cause’ we’re singing the same thing 
And that last time I drove home 
You said, “don’t be alone 
Let the night bugs keep you company 
On your long drive home” 

Dear, when you’re out there on your own 
Remember me 
I’m the one that felt like home 
And you, my winter’s dream 
How I long to be asleep 
To be with you again 
To be warmed by your skin 

Dear, when you fall in love again 
Remember me 
And don’t you settle, don’t you settle 
Cause’ you deserve the best 
That any man could give 
And you deserve the best 
That anyone’s offering 
He should treat you good 
And he should love you true 
But most of all my dear 
He should respect you 

But who am I to say 
What’s really best for you? 
For I was just a boy 
Who fell in love with you 
And I just want you to be happy

via Skogsgospel

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