Nathan Golub ~ Ellerbee River Blues

Guitars & percussion by Nathan Golub
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Nic Peterson, April & May 2014
Rolling Down Toxaway recorded by Thom Canova, August 2013
Poison Quarter & Dunnagan’s Loop recorded by Nathan Golub

Available on Aripeka Records

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Nathan Golub ~ Ellerbee River Blues

Nathan Golub ~ Ellerbee River Blues

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Nathan Golub hails from Durham, NC and he just released a really nice cassette on the new found label GFR Tapes.

Golub's fingers wander over the fretboard of his acoustic and electric guitar, like if it's the easiest thing to do. He picked out some really nice melody lines and patterns like on Wedding Boots, he did his homework in exercising the blues and for the more contemporary touch he plugs in some loops. There is nothing really surprising here, but it's an enjoyable listen. No show off, no baroque music pieces. The label's description fits quite well:

Nathan Golub's solo debut is an album full of patient burners and fingerstyle guitar renderings summoning 1980s era Fahey and modern primitives alike. Out just in time to soundtrack summer heat and endless explorations; the journey and the destination. 

Get a digital copy from Nathan Golub's bandcamp or order the tape over GFR Tapes (and have a beer with them).

Highly recommended!

photo by Katharine Whalen

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