dfbm #80 - Cosmique Chords

dfbm #80
Cosmique Chords

dfbm #80 - Cosmique Chords

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How to glue psych- and raga rock, krautrock, british folk and solo guitar together? Just fill the gaps with artists who operate between those fields. Artists who know how to patch a Korg MS 20 as well as pick tricky patterns on a steel string guitar.

Chicago is strong again in this mix, represented by Ryley Walker, Bill MacKay and his experimental rock band Darts & Arrows and a nearly 20 years old song by Gastre Del Sol.

When one thought, that all the Krautrock archives are finally emptied out and reissued, there comes Michael Rother and Asmus Tietchens with unreleased live and studio recordings of the cosmique Harmonia around the corner.

From Harmonia and their work with Brian Eno we get to Slowdrive who worked with Eno on Souvlaki and their drummer Simon Scott, now an ambient musician and sound artist who released Insomni in 2015 which is a beautiful mix of electronic soundscapes and other worldy guitar pieces.

Andrew Weathers is another artist who operates between acoustic guitar, VST plugins and full band performances - all of his stuff is highly recommended.

The VDSQ label continued to contribute to the diversity of solo acoustic guitar music. With Alan Licht and Dan Melchior, label owner Steve Lowenthal got two musicians on board who are not necessarely known for unamplified guitar sounds. Both delivered a nice document of what they a capable of when the electricity goes out and there is just a hollow piece of wood, somebody strapped steel or nylon strings on (in a very sphisticated way though).

The two British guitarists C Joynes and Nick Jonah Davis teamed up for Split Electric, where each of them explored the sounds of steel strings and humming amps. This will be released very soon on Thread Recordings - keep your eyes and ears peeled!


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  1. Stara Rzeka Mapa Zamknely sie oczy ziemi 2015 web
  2. Bill MacKay & Ryley Walker Gold Season Land of Plenty 2015 web
  3. Kikagaku Moyo Spinning Wheel Split 2015 web
  4. Harmonia Tiki-Taka At Harmonia Studio In Forst Documents 1975 2015 web
  5. Meic Stevens Yorric Outlander 2003 amazon
  6. Ryley Walker A Home For Me The West Wind 2013 amazon
  7. Maurizio Abate Rising Sun Blues A Way To Nowhere 2014 amazon
  8. Chris Rainier Lavinia Lost Her Rhythmicon To A Haitian Hippocratic Con Man And The Echo 2014 web
  9. Simon Scott Far from the Tree Insomni 2015 amazon
  10. Shanti Innocence Shanti 2015 amazon
  11. James Toth The Sun Shines Brightly On The Road To Ruin Roads To Ruin 2014 web
  12. Nick Jonah Davis Scaraboo Split Electric 2016 web
  13. Andrew Weathers Diamond Blues I AM HAPPY WHEN I AM MOVING 2015 web
  14. Gastr Del Sol Bauchredner Camoufleur 1998 amazon
  15. Alan Licht First Love, Haleema Currents 2015 amazon
  16. Seabuckthorn When Those Lights Come For You They Haunted Most Thickly 2015 web
  17. M. Mucci Starkest Darkness Don't Be Afraid 2015 web
  18. Six Organs Of Admittance Wasp Code Hexadic II 2015 amazon
  19. Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp Alternator The Island 2015 web
  20. Darts & Arrows Evergreen Altamira 2015 web
  21. Dusty Stray Into Beads A Tree Fell 2014 web
  22. Voice Of The Seven Thunders Disappearances Voice Of The Seven Thunders 2010 amazon
  23. Yuichi Ushioda 碧い河、鉄線の上 Blue River, On The Wire Between the Strings 2011 web
  24. Dan Melchior For Leth For Letha 2015 amazon
  25. Lake Mary Chipa : North Dakota And The Birds Sing In Chorus First (eilean 12) 2015 amazon


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