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dfbm #96 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. VII

dfbm #96
Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. VII

After some silence I worked through my stacks of music to compile a new edition of Songs of Wild Nothing. tl;dr Starting off with an exclusive song by Simone Romei aka Desmoines. He recorded a beautiful folk album that should be of interest for every …
Slight Birching ~ Cultural Envelope

Slight Birching ~ Cultural Envelope

Seeing a cover collage like this implies some "kosmische" synth musik that keeps me away from press play. But they tagged themselves as "American Primitive" on their bandcamp page. So what's the deal here? It's a mixed …
Mixtape #57 – Small Town Raga

Mixtape #57 – Small Town Raga

Welcome to a new 2 hours program of psychedelic late-night folk, americana related music. New gatherings and old/odd findings stacked to a playlist for your listening pleasure. Leave a comment if the mix is down or if you have any question or to …
Mixtape #54 - Foreshadowing

Mixtape #54

This is a two hour program of lofi folk, hill music, americana and strumming on wooden guitars in general; broadcasted from the past into the future. The theme is just made up by choosing this great found photo for the coverartwork, which shows, besi …
Mixtape #46 - Maybe I play for you, but probably not...

Mixtape #46
Maybe I play for you, but probably not...

Music from bedrooms, practice rooms and tiny studios... There is almost no story behind, just a collection of tracks from the last months and a found picture of a bedroom rocker... enjoy via stream @8tracks or download Write comments, these boxes …
Jason the Swamp - 2009 - As Is the Sun

Jason the Swamp
2009 - As Is the Sun

Genre: Homerecording Indie Folk Beauty Label: Rack & Ruin Records / self If you follow this blog, you might know Jason the Swamp, unfortunately he released nothing new as follower to As Is the Sun. But he set up a bandcamp page an …
Horrible Present - fifty-four ep

Horrible Present
fifty-four ep

2011 # lo-fi, bedroom pop
Mumbling bedroompop No idea what to write about this. I heard this kind of music a thousand times. It's not new anymore, but it's not bad. Especially because if you compare the last two releases. Into the Groove ep is more lofi electronic …
Mixtape #40 - Codeine Party

Mixtape #40
Codeine Party

Genre: Psych Pop, Americana, Garage Pop, Surf What to say about this? The cover is taken from a tape-compilation from the early nineties, called Parocktikum II. It was an important radio-program in former GDR (socialistic East Germany). Th …
Mixtape #39 - No Place Like Home

Mixtape #39
No Place Like Home

Genre: LoFi, Freak, Psych, Folk Folk So this mixtape covers again the stuff that we listen and lot currently. Most you will find here on blog others on the internet. It's mostly folky stuff. Another mixtape will follow in a few minutes. Hope you …

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