Lüger - 2010 - Lüger

Recorded by Lüger and Paco Loco in Puerto de Santa María, Cadiz. Premixed by John Agnello and Paco Loco. Album Mixing and Mastering by Rubén Suárez at Red Led (Madrid). Art by Wences Pierdes & 3501.

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2010 - Lüger

Lüger - 2010 - Lüger

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Genre: Krautrock, Kosmische Musik
Label: Giradiscos
Similar to We are Wolves

A project from Spain rooted in german psychedelic music, called Krautrock.
For me, the swirrling synths are the most german kraut reference (beside the faux (?) german band name), the rest of the music is some solid space rock. They reminds me a lot on We Are Wolves, which is a good thing!

Check Swastika Sweetheart and Die Sonne muss untergehen, pretty good stuff!

Download from bandcamp - MicePays

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