dfbm #108 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 13

dfbm #108 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 13

dfbm #108 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 13

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Things changed since the last Songs for Wild Nothing mixtape. We have to believe that everything has to go worse before it gets better. I don't know if that is true. What I know is true, that music is beautiful and hopefully helps to get through bad times. But we have to take care of the musicians, else there is not even music left, only spotify playlists with AI generated audio.1


Dust-to-Digital, if they don't make superb records, they post little bits and pices of historic, music related footage like this:

The track itself was released on a compilation And this is Maxwell Street, with field recordings from Chicago.

Joseph Allred started to sing and I think it's really beautiful. He opens with "In Christ There Is No East Or West" and then turns it into his own thing.

Highly recommended is Natalie Jane Hill's album Azalea, beautiful fingerstyle, folk tunes, recorded in Atlanta, GA. Around the same time Natalie sent over her album I discovered Jane Byaela in a Private Press group. Byaela released a vinyl record on a German label in the late eighties and then a CD. Now she's working as an artist. Luckily she uploaded a bunch of older recordings on soundcloud and they are all really enjoyable, raw gems.

Another great discover is the private press album from 1977 by Mossy Davidson from Alaska. Tompkins Square is going to reissue "Northwind Calling" in July this year, and I don't know if I can post this track yet, but it's all for getting you excited. For some reason, the opener "So Long!!" is haunting me, because it reminds me on some piece of music I can't recall. The way she's singing, the raw sound of her voice - I'm scrolling through hours of my music archive, but can't find the reference. But I found another singer from Alaska, Sjofn who released a cd in 2010 so that's a nice cross reference.

It's always nice to see that the Space Lady channeling cosmic energies and performing, if not live, then at least on a stream in the interwebs. The first time I heard her version of Ghostriders in the Sky in a youtube video, I fell in love, then read a lot about her an her life and shortly after she restarted her music career and toured a lot through the world. The Space Lady is the best!

Zachary Cale is back with a new album. I discovered his music through one of the many cool music blogs, 10 years ago. I'm glad he's still around.

Ok, there is a lot more to say, but better listen to the music and go down the rabbit-holes yourself. It's worth for every artists. Bandcamp links, if available, are added to the tracklist, else you know how to find stuff.

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  1. Sunny War Worthless Worthless 2015 web
  2. Fannie Brewer Ill Overcome And This Is Maxwell Street 1964 web
  3. Joseph Allred O Columbia Traveler 2020 web
  4. Natalie Jane Hill Emerald Blue Azalea 2020 web
  5. Richard Twice If I Were Strong I'd Move You Mountains Richard Twice 1970 discogs
  6. Jon & Jodi Come Down My Child Two Sides Of Jon & Jodi 1971 discogs
  7. Mossy Davidson So Long!! Northwind Calling 1977 web
  8. Sjofn Whiskey Secret 2010 web
  9. Jane Byaela Night of Crystal Stars web
  10. Lebo Jenkins False Hearted Seeds Esoteric Ballads of the Piedmont 2019 web
  11. The Space Lady Ghost Riders in the Sky (edited) Live 2020 web
  12. Golden Brown New Ramble Flora and Fauna of the Uncanny Valley 2020 web
  13. Sarah Louise That Glow in the Morning Earth and Its Contents 2020 web
  14. Sabelo Mathe Hambanini Bulawayo Blue Yodel 2019 web
  15. The crushed can kings Swinging rag There's no brew like homebrew 2019 web
  16. E.C. Ball with Orna Ball When I Get Home I'm Gonna Be Satisfied Through The Years • 1937-1975 1997 discogs
  17. Lac La Belle Prodigal Son Lac La Belle 2009 web
  18. Robert Sharp Jeramiah Was a Mountian Man Hello Country! Robert & Friends! 2012 web
  19. Cruel Willie It Just Repeats wistful lullabies/electric fantasy 2019 web
  20. Alula Down Blackbird Betwixt & Between 5 2019 web
  21. Angélica Salvi Sinople Phantone 2019 web
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  30. Shane Parish Steal Away Death Bell Knellin' 2020 web

Zora Neale Hurston collects songs from Rochelle French and Gabriel Brown, Eatonville, Florida, 1935. (Photo by Alan Lomax / Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division)

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