Junip - 2010 - Robe and Summit

2010 - Robe and Summit

Junip - 2010 - Robe and Summit

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Genre: Krautrock, Indie Pop
Label: Mute (release it physically)

Swedens Junip offer you their new EP for free, just for giving away your soul. Ok, it's just your e-mail adress.
But how do they sound like?
I would say perfect, laid back and spacey indie pop.
Robe and Summit starts with acoustic nylon string guitar, a beat enter and drives you through imaginary countryside. E-Piano tunes speckle some flowers into the scenery and fat synthie are like the hazy light.
So it goes on and on.
Reminds a bit on early Stereolab and the repetetiv drums on Krautrock in general. The mighty german Krautrock reference, yeah!
The last track, Loops is different, like comming home from a nice trip. Comming down and feel the moment.
I don't know, paint your own pictures. Awesome record!

Get it here @ Junip Webpage


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