Waggers Over The Station - 2010 - Upekkha

Photos taken by Jessica Jean Weston
Mastered by Mike Parker
All Sounds by Casey Shew

The mind becoming aware of itself, falling through chasms of what once was light and now is eternally belonging to the realm of the concealed spirit.

My first album. It was received quite well on several blogs such as ForestGospel, DFBM, Royal Jelly, and RibsOut.
All of these songs were written on an 8-day pilgrimage into solitude in the woods, in which I fasted and made my first attempts at authentic meditation (a practice I would continue to a greater extent in the future).

The album was concieved as a whole, and is a cycle in itself, but not so much that I would discourage listening to a single track to see if you enjoy it. Each song has it's own idiosyncratic rules and sonic design, there is no technique or set of instruments that carries from one to the next, though the moods should be sufficient to make it a cohesive whole.

This review says it all:

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Waggers Over The Station
2010 - Upekkha

Waggers Over The Station - 2010 - Upekkha

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That's the kind of music we are searching for. Heart-touching, brain-melting, bone-breaking.
There is a reference to Microphones/Mount Eerie by the creator himself and that's the way it goes.
Dark rumbling atmospheres, natural, pulsating, moaning.
Based on guitar only songs he develops them to full epic tracks.

Some more extensive reading on the links below.
You can download the album track by track for free at Soundcloud, or take this zipped, mediafired thing (thanks to Royal Jelly).
Found via Forest Gospel - some more reading at Waggers Facebook

Great record!

Check I Stand on the Hilltop: The Light Falling on the Grass, My Everyday: The Light Falling on the Tree, Back to the World: The Light Falling on the Cabin

Edit: now on bandcamp!

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