Bwedge/Swimming Trunks - 2010 - Split

Bwedge/Swimming Trunks
2010 - Split

Bwedge/Swimming Trunks - 2010 - Split

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Genre: Tropical-/Surf-Pop
Label: none/selfreleased

If you like Beach Fossils, Real Estate or Ganglians and of course Beach Boys^^

This is something I also discovered at another blog, but as I´m totally in this tropical/surf-stuff and especially this one I needed to share it with you, too.
Lots of danceable melodies, uuuhs, aaahs and ooohs and of course this kind of typical "surf style" that makes it irresistable :)
I like both sides/artists, because they´ve got their own advantages in each case.
The Bwedge songs implicate a more smooth or straight vibe,
whereas the ones by Swimming Trunks rather contain some kind of "lo-fi" or experimental note with more vocals, too. But, like I said, both artists got their own, great style and you can also here a mixture of that in one track ;)

Bwedge Myspace
Swimming Trunks Myspace


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