Crook'd Finger - 2000/2011 - vs. Harlan; vs. D.Rhythm:O

Crook'd Finger
2000/2011 - vs. Harlan; vs. D.Rhythm:O

Crook'd Finger - 2000/2011 - vs. Harlan; vs. D.Rhythm:O

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Genre: pre chill wavve, post industrial
Label: vuzh music

Hello to 2011. Hope you are restored from a nice evening.

On the first day of 2011 a mail dropped into my mailbox with a surprising gift. Over 10 years ago I was in contact with the tape activist and musican C. Reider. He put out some tapes on his Vuzh Music label with really nice ambient/drone soundscapes and he asked some day if I am ok when he do remixes of some tracks of mine. I run this lofi techno/electro project D.Rhythm:O. The recordings I made were mostly the result of figuring out how to programm shitty drumcomputers.
Well, when he send me the finished work, back in days I was flashed, because he turned one track into a shakey lo-fi drum'n'bass beast. (Slow Flow/Volt Spur).
When I listen to it now I remember some of the source tracks and it feels good how the memories streams back. When I sat in front of my shitty KORG Poly 61 and try to find out how this thing works.
Funny, Triboluminesce reminds me on People are People of Depeche Mode. As far as I know the source were some drummings on Oilbarrels and C. Reider sampled the stuff and put some electronic beat underneath it. (Like the myth said about the mentioned DM song were they used samples of the metal percussion recorded by Einstürzende Neubauten).
Anyway - the other side of the remix is made from tracks by Harlan. They are more rhythmic and funny.
Not everyones cup of tape this whole release, but check it out if like to dig into unknown electronic homerecording stuff from ten years ago.

Download for free
- Release Page - C. Reider on Soundcloud

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