Music for Headphones
2011 -

Music for Headphones - 2011 -

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Genre: Neo Krautrock, Space Rock, Kosmische Musik
Label: self is a solid piece of Spacerock. Floating, romantic, kosmisch. The coverartwork may remember you on Kraftwerk's Autobahn and this is just one reference. The album sounds like a melange of eighties/nineties Spacerock and Neo Krautrock like. Inspired by music that was inspired by Krautrock and Kosmische Musik. Anubian Lights, Chrome/Helios Creed..., Melting Euphoria, Trans Am, Kreidler, Junip and so on.
Naive melodies, typical sequencer sounds, echoes, driving drums and space organs. Well done!

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And another free EP with some remixes and different sound. More sixties rock inspired

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