Joonatan Elokuu & Mossycoat - 2011 - s/t

"Joonatan Elokuu & Mossycoat"

1. Prayer of the Mushroom-Eater (Joonatan)
2. Autumn (Joonatan)
3. Owlsong (Helena)
4. Mountain of the Moon (Joonatan)
5. Lantern in Her Hand (Helena)
6. Roots (Joonatan)
7. Matkalaulu (Joonatan)
8. Prayer for Dying Trees (Joonatan)
9. On the Shoreline (Joonatan & Helena)
10. Leaves of Life - Elon Lehdet (Joonatan)
11. Boat of Flowers (Helena)
12. Amanita (Joonatan)
13. Sininen Uni (Haavio/Rautavaara)

13 songs written & performed
while laying low for the winter season 2010-2011.

Instrumentation & Vocals - Joonatan Elokuu & Helena Halla
Mastering - Mikko Määttä

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Joonatan Elokuu & Mossycoat
2011 - s/t

Joonatan Elokuu & Mossycoat - 2011 - s/t

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Genre: psych folk, folk
Label: utupuu

Wonderful quiet, dark and dreamy folk from Finlandia. Made in and for long winter evenings, but it's enjoyable in the springtime too. As I do right now.
It reminds me on Current 93 in past "Thunder Perfect Mind" phase. I mean the minimal acoustic guitar style, some ambient effects in the back, etherical reverb and sometimes spoken and sung lyrics in Finnish and English by Helena Halla and Joonatan Elokuu.
You can order their discs on the label's blog but they made all of their releases available for free.

Really a wonderful record!

Download Joonatan Elokuu & Mossycoat here and more here - Website & Infos


via microphones in the trees

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