LØSD - 1996 - Korganics

1996 - Korganics

LØSD - 1996 - Korganics

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Genre: Analogue Electronica, Techno, Space Noise
Label: Korg/Korm Plastics

Just ripped an old record from 1996 - dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the first affordable monophonic patchable synths, - the MS Serie by Korg (especially the MS-10/20).
It's one of my favorite record full of the unique Korg MS Filter Sounds. Pretty rad. Need some time till the spaceship starts (I mean the track) but then it kicks you straight to the dark side of the moon.
[mp3] LØSD - Monophonic
Three of these 10" are still available at discogs at cheap prices and here is an abandoned website about LØSD with some vintage synth stuff and tracks.


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