Best Records 2011 - Top 23

Best Records 2011
Top 23

Best Records 2011 - Top 23

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So here is the DFBM Top 23 - Best Records 2011 - Year End List blabla...
It's so uneven, to give some extra space in case I found an album on December the 31th which hit me so hard that it have to be included here.
The order ist not really important, but for a list I have to put some numbers in front.
As on the 7"/EP list, I don't give a shit on innovation and fresh sounds, because everything that claims something like that, is a lame mashup of retro, vintage something. Kosmische Musik/Berliner Schule aka "synth geschwurbel 2.0" was the big thing in 2011, I suppose. Dubstep is just Drum'n'Bass on Ketamine, and HipHop lives still from it's own clichés. (I am too old for this shit). The over-compressed "Chill-Wave", Synth Pop is just over-compressed Synth Pop with eighties references. Wouldn't it be good to be in your shoes... and yes, Singer-Songwriter and Folk guys have such a long beard... So nothing surprising here :)


24. gkfoes vjgoaf - The Joy of Awakening

no player renderedśamatha by gkfoes vjgoaf

So I missed to list this beautiful release from the Inner Islands people. Should be somewhere in the middle of this list. Beautiful, peaceful psych folk and ambient...

23. Pat Jordache - Future Songs

quirky shit. I always jump up because I think someone rings on my door...

22. Daughters of the Sun - Ghost with Chains

Daughters Of The Sun - Moontan
Reverbed space pop at it's best!

21. Tim Cohen's Magic Trick - Tim Cohen's Magic Trick

[mp3] Tim Cohens Magic Trick - Season of Fires
Just like it.

20. Chris Lyons - Dead Dog Drowning

no player rendered
Maybe a bit random, but it's good Singer-Songwriter stuff...

19. Thee Oh Sees - Carrion Crawler/The Dream

Thee Oh Sees, The Dream
Thee Oh Sees had a great output in the last years. This is so far their best, after OCS transition to Thee Oh Sees.

18. Frank Fairfield - Out on the Open West

[mp3] Frank Fairfield - Frazier Blues
Buell Kaze, Dock Boggs, Roscoe Holcomb reincarnated

17. Papercuts - Fading Parade

Papercuts - Do What You Will
Not as good as „You can always have what you want“, but still like cotton wool

16. Shannon And The Clams - Sleep Talk

Shannon And The Clams - "The Cult Song"
100% fun punk surf and roll and garage fun

15. Bronze Float - Meridan

no player rendered
softest soft pop

14. Chad VanGaalen - Diaper Island

Burning Photographs
stupid album title. great music.

13. Birdengine - The Crooked Mile

no player rendered
planned for 2010, finally released in 2011. dark folk. a strange and weird funfair.

12. Woods - Sun and Shade

Woods: "Out Of The Eye"
the NEU!ish "Out of the eye" and Glenn Donaldson appearance makes this album worth to list here. Better than their 2010 release. I miss somehow Christian DeRoek's input.

11. Carloman - Carloman

no player rendered
I like it. It's maybe not that special, but these two guys have a great sense of melodies and history.

10. Daniel Bachman - Grey-Black-Green

no player rendered
Daniel is a cool guy. And he's playing great music.

9. Moonwood - The Path

no player rendered
Psych Folk at its best.

8. First Nations - Black Beach

no player rendered
Great Indie Pop.

7. German Error Message - After The Warmth

no player rendered

6. Moonface - Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd Hoped

Moonface, Fast Peter
annoying organ jams.

5. Fergus & Geronimo - Unlearn

Neo Hippie Shit

4. Zachary Cale - Noise of Welcome

no player rendered
Zachy Cale should get more attention!

3. Elodie - Echos Pastoraux

[mp3] Elodie - La Fontaine
This is a wonderful magic record. I love it. Lost in the woods...

2. Sudden And Subtle - Adrift

no player rendered

1. Yussuf Jerusalem - Blast From The Past

[mp3] Yussuf Jerusalem - Through Winter's Darkest Day
[mp3] Yussuf Jerusalem - You Broke My Heart In Two
Such a great jangling, contrary record. Black Metal meets Spaghetti Western meets Sixties Pop meets Lo-Fi Garage Rock.

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