Red Painted Red
I am Nothing

Red Painted Red - I am Nothing

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Genre: Avantdark Pop

This Manchester based project dropped a disc into my post box and on first thought it's from a friend of mine, because the stick-figures on the cover looks like drawing from Inox Kapell.
The nice DIY package hold a lyricsheet with drawings and stuff and a fullcoloured disc + some more drawings. Very personal. The poppy colours make you think it's sweet funny music. But it's not. I would sum it up that this is a mixture of nineties Trip Hop, a bit Post-Industrial and a bit Darkwave with siren/opera-like female vocals and layered electronic sounds.
It's not bad and it sounds really unique and complex, but unfortunately I was never into Trip Hop back in days and I listen too much Darkwave in my teen years. So this appeals not to me as much as it should, because it's quality music. Oh - while listen to this, Einstürzende Neubauten - Ende Neu came in my mind, or maybe the remix album, which was really nice (especially the Pan-Sonic remix).
So if you are into things like the mentioned above or just like what you hear, get in touch with , buy the album or the download.

Tip: Wondering how they fly - got some nice cheesy organ inside.


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