Black Twig Pickers & Steve Gunn - Natch 1

Black Twig Pickers & Steve Gunn
Natch 1

Black Twig Pickers & Steve Gunn - Natch 1

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I already posted the NATCH recording of Zachary Cale and here is the first in this serie, by The Black Twig Pickers & Steve Gunn.

It starts with a droning Hill Music/String Band thing on fiddle, banjo and guitar and with the second track Salted Caramel it shifts into a 20 minutes improv thing for string instruments and sound bowls. Vibrant and floating improvised psych folk. With knowing that BTP are connected to the psych-improv-noise group PELT that Jack Rose started his musical career in, it all makes sense how the revival (the third?) of Old-Time Hillbilly Folk music and drugged out Psych-Folk Noise are play so well together.

Steve Gunn is, like Daniel Bachman, one of the new american guitarists who keeps the whole american guitar thing alive and going. He also leads the excellent Imaginational Anthem 5 Compilation on Tompkins Square, compiled by Sam Moss.

Website of the Natch collaborative recordings from Black Dirt Studios

@soundcoud @freemusicarchive

Ok, get this 3 track long piece of Psychedelic-Christmas music.

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