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H Moore - Woods to Coast E​.​P.

H Moore
Woods to Coast E.P.

2019 # folk, psych folk, banjo
UK based banjo player H Moore released a bunch of very cool banjo centered eps over the last years. He mainly plays his own material but also recorded some known tunes like Fred Cockerham's "Little Satchel"1 or "Wabash Blues" on the Sarpa E.P.. It's …
Alex Archibald - Early Suburban Terrorism

Alex Archibald
Early Suburban Terrorism

​Alex Archibald is another master of fingerstyle guitar solis inspired by Fahey's american primitive style. His playing is strong and melodic. He keeps the pieces on "Early Suburban Terrorism" short and on point. Between strong steel …
dfbm #75 - Morning Raga Pt. IV

dfbm #75
Morning Raga Pt. IV

Guitars, banjos, birds, cats and guitars. Lots of. Perfect for listening late at night or in the early morning or maybe not at all, just imagine how good it sounds. This mix features my favorite track from Chuck Johnson's latest, high praised re …
dfbm #70 - June Apple

dfbm #70
June Apple

Welcome back to over an hour of old time jams, banjo pickin' guys and gals and music scratched out of rusty wires. Most stuff is old and from the well known sources like Smithsonian Folkways, Dust-to-Digital, Tompkins Square. Speaking of …
Lebo Jenkins - Couch's Barn and Fretless

Lebo Jenkins
Couch's Barn and Fretless

I met Lebo Jenkins in early spring when he was organizing and playing on an event with Moses Nesh and Sarah Louise in Atlanta. He knows a lot about old-time music, banjos, old pickers and he likes to tell stories. He can scratch tunes out of a f …
Andrew Tuttle – 4064

Andrew Tuttle – 4064

Barebone Folktronica from Australia. I never thought there is something cosmic in banjo based music, but Andrew Tuttle proved me wrong. When I skipped through Brisbane I fell immediately in love with the frenetic banjo playing. But when those synthie …
Black Twig Pickers & Steve Gunn - Natch 1

Black Twig Pickers & Steve Gunn
Natch 1

I already posted the NATCH recording of Zachary Cale and here is the first in this serie, by The Black Twig Pickers & Steve Gunn. It starts with a droning Hill Music/String Band thing on fiddle, banjo and guitar and with the second track Salt …
Rye 'n Clover - Pencils, Paper & Scissors

Rye 'n Clover
Pencils, Paper & Scissors

2009 # folk, folk punk, banjo
So here is the next banjoist. Pretty straight and direct, but versatile played songs. It's inspired by clawhammer technique and folk-punk movement. It's also special, because he plays a nylonstring banjo, which sounds very unique. [mp3] R …
Devon Flaherty - Hootenholler

Devon Flaherty

19 years old Devon Flaherty from Pittsburgh plays old timey folk music. Mainly banjo tunes and a version of my favorite tune by Buell Kazee - "The Wagoners Lad" as Polly Williams He's a pretty good banjo player, but as someone point …

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