Buzz Kull - Fallen Flower EP

Recorded/Produced - Marcel Whyler & Rebecca Liston.
Mixed/Mastered - Alec Feld & Marcel Whyler.
Artwork - Marcel Whyler

Side A - Fallen Flower

Side B - Visions & Lights

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Buzz Kull
Fallen Flower EP

Buzz Kull - Fallen Flower EP

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I have no idea why this whole eighties, minimal synth, dark wave stuff is so big at the moment, but why not if there are bands like Black Marble or Buzz Kull.

Buzz Kull are from Sydney and they released two short singles and some cover versions.

The Fallen Flower EP is much better and more pop, than the Lost Control EP (which has nothing to do with Joy Division I guess).

They earn some extra points for covering Goodbye Horses by Q-Lazzarus.

Frohe Weihnachten Ihr Gruftis!

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