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dfbm #103 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 11

dfbm #103 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 11

Two hours of psych folk, americana, post-punk, private press oddities, exotic and esoterica, krautrock, drone and everything in between. Some brand new stuff and ancient, moldy crap from the bottom of my hard drive. It was time again to compile all t …
dfbm #64 ~ Electric Day

dfbm #64 ~ Electric Day

Here is another non acoustic guitar program with some jumps between genres and decades. I have to confess that I was playing A Flock of Seagulls a lot lately. It's a perfect eighties flashback, especially with their videos. All the moves and styl …
dfbm #63 ~ A.W.C Painting His Room

dfbm #63 ~ A.W.C Painting His Room

Welcome to another 2 hours program of old and new music. This time with a bit more diversity! Find a few rarities, like William Tyler singing a country song, and an ambient like country piece by Ferlin Husky that I've found over at Aquarium …
Mixtape #58 – Sun Leaving

Mixtape #58 – Sun Leaving

It's still summer, but the sun is leaving slowl this place over the northern hemisphere. Just warms up the corps of the past summer fun days and then freezes everything over night. Brrrr. Gives me a taste of the cumin' winter. No fun! Any …
Mixtape #55 - Leaving/Returning

Mixtape #55

I started this tape before I left to the US for a month and after my return I added the latest bits and pieces. I think it's a nice mixture of garage folk, pop punk, psychedelic pop, post-punk and I don't know what else. I just hope you enjoy …
Mixtape #53 - Small Town Stoner

Mixtape #53
Small Town Stoner

It starts with some trippy psych tunes and then change to unchill post punk-indie-country-rock. Sounds strange but works. Enjoy! MMOSS ~ Spoiled Son – (from Only Children, 2012) bc Moonwood ~ Trans Lunar Express 1 …
Buzz Kull - Fallen Flower EP

Buzz Kull
Fallen Flower EP

I have no idea why this whole eighties, minimal synth, dark wave stuff is so big at the moment, but why not if there are bands like Black Marble or Buzz Kull. Buzz Kull are from Sydney and they released two short singles and some cover versions. …
Mixtape #48 - Sleepless Summer Nights

Mixtape #48
Sleepless Summer Nights

This is not for a stinky beach trip or to get lost in the woods. It's not the soundtrack to a party or to get stoned to or to have fun to. There is no intention, it's just what it is. My personal favorites - a diary - crutches to stand tall.. …
Mornings - Lioness [Single]

Lioness [Single]

A short, but enjoyable release by Mornings from Australia. The vocals reminds me on early "I love you but I've choosen darkness" - maybe a bit weaker - but not uncharming. The music has some Math-Rock influences but without over co …

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