C.Strøm – A Christmas Carol

C.Strøm – A Christmas Carol

C.Strøm – A Christmas Carol

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Outsider Christmas Carols from Norway.

Christian Strøm lives on the island of Ellingsøy and right now it seems pretty mild there. Instead North America is freezing.

Lately, Strøm put a shitload of his tunes on bandcamp and if you are seeking out for some alternative festive music (beside Fahey or numerous fun christmas song covers) this might be a good chance to get into his little world of Old-Time Americana, Blues and Folk with the patina on banjo strings that haven't changed since 1924.

One might say, his songs are tiring, because it's always almost a similar performance of his songs, but a three track EP is perfect and you can always stop and come back to listen more.


Merry Christmas Folks!

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