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dfbm #72 - Smoke and Strings

dfbm #72
Smoke and Strings

Two hours of smoke and strings. Better open your window afterwards or leave the house! Lots of obscure and already dead folks. Others are very alive, but probably are not so well known either. In times of the internet, nothing is really lost. Many r …
Jaye Bartell ~ Loyalty

Jaye Bartell ~ Loyalty

I accidently clicked somewhere a link to youtube and ended up at a weird video by Jaye Bartell. I liked his voice from the beginning, it was haunting and it sounded almost a bit off. It reminded me on something I wasn't able to name. Later I foun …
C.Strøm – A Christmas Carol

C.Strøm – A Christmas Carol

Outsider Christmas Carols from Norway. Christian Strøm lives on the island of Ellingsøy and right now it seems pretty mild there. Instead North America is freezing. Lately, Strøm put a shitload of his tunes on bandcamp an …
The Dove Azima - s/t

The Dove Azima

Genre: american primitive, acoustic guitar, freak folk Label: oakhill records The Dove Azima is the new moniker of Zachary Hay who released a private press record as Bronze Horse last year. His new album goes a step beside his former release and …

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