Ethet - Eddy

by ethet

by A.M.
Recorded on my phone.

"2:30" - open D
"1:55" - open D minor
"4:24" - open G minor
"2:91" - C G C F C f

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Ethet - Eddy

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Mysterious 8-bit American Primitivism.

Judging by the cover this could be some midi tracker 8-bit album with retro computer game music. It's not, but wouldn't it be cool if there was a John Fahey 8-bit cover album? Beach Boys, Beatles, Muse, Motorama, Joy Division - they all got the chiptune treatment, but I don't find any Fahey 8-bit fuzz fest.

In case you know how to use midi tracker software or Fruity Loops (from your elite-cracking days back in early 2000), download these John Fahey midi files and go ahead! (These files can be tested with this online midi sequencer just upload and choose an instrument.) 

Back to Ethet. In the meantime, the mystery hasn't been solved yet.

These four short tracks, named after their track length, are some pretty rough demo recordings of fingerstyle guitar sketches. 

It's nothing over the top, more like someone discovering playing the guitar this way, but I think this has some potential, so check it out and maybe keep an eye on this artist.

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