dfbm #105 - Morning Raga Pt. 20

dfbm #105 - Morning Raga Pt. 20

dfbm #105 - Morning Raga Pt. 20

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Time for a new edition of the Morning Raga, the mix with focus on american primitivism and solo guitar instrumentals.

These are tracks that are in this playlist forever and I'm happy to finally put them out and I already started a new one.

There is a lot to say about each artist, but I'm not sure if anybody reads that and these days, you'll find out quickly yourself, most of the time.

When ever possible, bandcamp is linked, because that's the way support the artist.

You can stream the mix via mixcloud or download a vintage zip file.

I hope you'll enjoy!

As always, you can support DFBM by buying a t-shirt and share the mixes. Thank you for listening.

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  1. J.R. Bohannon Recôncavo Recôncavo 2019 web
  2. Topias Tiheäsalo Variations On Albert's Truth Niko Karlsson & Topias Tiheäsalo 2018 discogs
  3. Kerem Atalay Winter 4 Summer Winter 2018 web
  4. Andrew Schneider The Banner Corps Are Here Super Blood Blue Moon - beta 2018 web
  5. Louis Alberry No Telling Where Louis Alberry 2019 web
  6. Ross Hammond We're Coming For You, Paul Riding Dragons In Winter 2018 web
  7. Cody Lee Our Lady of Sorrow Whiskey & Religion 2018 web
  8. Seabuckthorn It Was Aglow A House With Too Much Fire 2018 discogs
  9. Joseph Allred The Woods in the Day, and Faulkner Ascends Through the Trees Oh, Meadowlark 2019 discogs
  10. Eli Winter Live Oak Standing in the Rain The Time To Come 2019 web
  11. Rob Noyes Nightmare Study You Are Tired b​/​w Nightmare Study 2019 web
  12. Peter Lang Going Down The China Road The Thing At The Nursery Room Window 1973 discogs
  13. Shane Parish The Cuckoo Ballad of an Unarmed Man 2017 web
  14. Snow Beard It's Just a Walk Eternal Spring Raga 2016 web
  15. William Tyler Rebecca Goes West 2019 discogs
  16. Jim Kennedy Last Sunrise Just Being Natural 1970 discogs
  17. Andy McLeod Sighting Sighting 2019 web
  18. Russell Potter Eirigh Suas A Stoirin Volume II 1981 discogs
  19. Ryley Walker Rocks on Rainbow Deafman Glance 2018 discogs
  20. Jonny Dillon That Go To Sleep Rag Songs For A One-String Guitar 2019 web
  21. Joost Dijkema Oak Log Perfume Time Thief 2019 web
  22. Andrew Schneider Blood Moon Super Blood Blue Moon - beta 2018 web
  23. Sagas Laurel Hill Ghost Lines 2018 discogs
  24. Bob Tryforos Sunflower Slow Drag Scott Joplin, Composer. Bob Tryforos, Guitarist 1972 discogs
  25. Toby Hay Marvin The Mustang From Montana The Longest Day 2018 discogs
  26. Scott Wainwright Remember the Zoo? Talking Backwoods 2018 web
  27. Kevin Farge Surfing the Point Heaps of Sand EP 2018 web
  28. Sounding the Deep Green Sky, Golden Sun Return to the Quiet 2012 web
  29. Charlie d'Chang Añejo (en La Faena II) Live web
  30. Lake Mary So Long Truman Koda 2018 web
  31. Eli Smith Guitar Rag Eli Smith, 7 Inch Series 2018 web
  32. Marcus Eads Rum River Ramble Rum River Ramble 2018 web

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