dfbm #106 - Morning Raga Pt. 21

dfbm #106 - Morning Raga Pt. 21

dfbm #106 - Morning Raga Pt. 21

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Let's start 2020 with a round-up of another two hours of American primitive/solo acoustic guitar gems that I accumulated over the last months.


I couldn't help but start with Jakub Šimanský and a track from his second installment of Face to Face Against American Primitivism in Eastern Europe vol. 2. He's just getting better and better and a follow up to Tance neznámé with Tomáš Niesner is already in the making - If you want to find out some more about these two Czech guitar masters, check out this interview at skug.at.

Trevor Healy is a guitar maker and I remember his name from the Tompkins Square anniversary guitar that Healy built. On his first(?) solo release, Healy comes up with some sweet American fingerstyle guitar, but he's not limiting himself to just guitar and so you find some drums, harmonica and violin, played by Sam Moss, an artist, that I follow since he released his first album in 2011.

Mariano Rodriguez from Argentinia has a new album out, it's called Huesos Secos (Dry Bones) and it's really interesting, as always. There is always something slightly odd about Rodriguez's style.

Then a track from Waswas new album, that was supposed to come out on DFBM, but I was so consumed by other work, I missed my opportunity. Debugging from Impossible Worlds and Stuck Thoughts is such a beautiful album and it is highly recommended to check it out and maybe buy one of those 15 or so cds that were made.

What else... the 1978 private press by William Eaton is getting reissued in April, by Morning Trip records from Canada. Eaton came to my attention with his appearance on the Wayfaring Strangers: Guitars Soli compilation. He's a guitar builder and he created the weirdest stringed instruments.

Then new and "not so new anymore" music by Hayden Pedigo, who also recommended Dos Burbujas to me.

Great to hear new tunes from always prolific Anthony Pasquarosa and Zachary Hay (aka Bronze Horse and other).

Another new favorite of mine is Marc Verdin from Minneapolis and Andrew DR Abbott from UK.

And then there is Murat Keyder, a guitar and oud teacher with Turkish roots, playing some of the most beautiful music.

Anyways. I hope you enjoy this mix and I hope you still like the format (zip, mixcloud stream), because I'm not going to deal with that one big streaming service that is sucking up all the air. If that's your only source of music consumption, I'm sorry for you, or for myself, in case I won't reach you with my old school mp3 format.

I hope you'll enjoy! Check out the music on bandcamp, buy a t-shirt and be nice to your neighbors.

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  1. Jakub Šimanský The Black Rose The White Masks Face to Face Against American Primitivism in Eastern Europe vol. 2 2019 web
  2. J.R. Bohannon Reflections Of An American Dream Dusk 2019 web
  3. Trevor Healy Jesus is a Dying Bedmaker Catch No Eye 2018 web
  4. Moon Bros. Ballad of Joe Buck The Easy Way Is Hard Enough 2019 web
  5. Mariano Rodriguez Lirio en las pampas, tumba en Chimpay Huesos Secos 2020 web
  6. Son of Buzzi Recessional And Vortex The Ghost 2019 web
  7. Joseph Allred No-Heller Rag Hoddmímis Holt 2019 web
  8. Waswas Reasonable Hopes, Non-Existent Realities Debugging from Impossible Worlds and Stuck Thoughts 2017 web
  9. Andrew DR Abbott Heaton Wild Woods Dead In Chellow Dean 2019 web
  10. Šimanský Niesner Ghawar Tance neznámé 2019 web
  11. Marc Verdin The Song of the Blind Owl Bone Porcelain 2019 web
  12. Toby Hay The Falconers Knot New Music for the 12 String Guitar 2019 discogs
  13. Zachary Hay 5 Zachary Hay 2019 web
  14. Paolo Boschi 7.30 Warning! Children Looking At You 2002 discogs
  15. Dos Burbujas Fast Minimal Music for Solo Guitar 2016 web
  16. Murat Keyder Rüya Rüya 2019 discogs
  17. Anthony Pasquarosa Track De l'infinito, universo et mondi 2019 discogs
  18. William Eaton Untitled [#2] Music By William Eaton 1978 web
  19. Mouss Elle danse sur la falaise Les Adieux 2019 web
  20. Hayden Pedigo Brother Valley Of The Sun 2019 web
  21. Lake Mary & the Ranch Family Band Watermelon Sun Dogs 2019 web
  22. Rowland Taylor Parthian Shot Demo 2019 2019 web
  23. Talk West Gladys (Acoustic) Skinned Shin 2018 web
  24. Xhilëf Saint-Januam The III-Legged Cat web
  25. Jim Kennedy Over And Done Just Being Natural 1970 discogs
  26. Magic Tuber Stringband Lightning Bug's Lament Wayward Airs for Earthbound Vagrants 2019 web
  27. Post Moves Cerulean No Dignity in Haste 2019 web
  28. Regular Expression Susa Kasuga Suite 2019 web
  29. Regular Expression Susa Valley Ramble Kasuga Suite 2019 web
  30. Regular Expression Tuning Kasuga Suite 2019 web

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