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Gavin Prior - All Who Wander

Gavin Prior
All Who Wander

​ Gavin Prior is an musician from Dublin, connected to the psych folk collective United Bible Studies and member of Free Jazz/Metal trio Tarracóir among other projects. All Who Wander is like a collage of photographs and notes taken on P …
Library of Babel - s/t

Library of Babel

​ As Library of Babel, the guitarist and music teacher Shane Parish, cellist Emmalee Hunnicutt and bassis Frank Meadows found together to create some sort of free folk/improv chamber music. All three are hailing from Asheville, NC the town and …
Birdengine - 2010 - The Crooked Mile

2010 - The Crooked Mile

Genre: dark haunting folk Label: Thee Evil Twin Birdengine is the project by Lawry Joseph Tilbury and he is one of my favorites, even if it needs a special mood to listen to his dark laments. His new album is out now digitally on bandcamp to buy …

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