Waggers Over The Station - 2011 - Okubi

Casey Shew - Sounds
Nicole Safer - Vocals

A somewhat experimental attempt at a new sound. I may continue with this style in the future, high-energy aggressive electro-pop inspired by Shinto Mythology.

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Waggers Over The Station
2011 - Okubi

Waggers Over The Station - 2011 - Okubi

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Genre: Psychedelic, obscure, Folk
Label: self

The obscure psych folk project Waggers Over The Station gave birth to an opulent 14 minutes mini psych opera called Okubi. It's a great follower to their debut Upekkha which is one of my favorite 2010 record.
It starts with a dark glooming guitar part with a strange falsetto voice interwoven. Then it turns to a reeling downwards spiraling, but majestic piece of dissolving and fusion.
This is really unique music born in a hermetic unknown world. A great trip!

Edit: bandcamped now!

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