Buell Kazee - Various

Buell Kazee

Buell Kazee - Various

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Genre: Old Time, Appalachian, Banjo

This is some old timey appalachian banjo trippin folk music. Buell H. Kazee, together with Dock Boggs is not an unknown. At least if you are interested in such music or live in America. I am scratching just on the surface of old digitalized shellac records, because it's not part of my cultural history. But anyway, I just enjoy the repetitive, trance like banjo tunes and Kazee's singing.
Below you will find a download from archive.org, which is probably the baddest mp3 quality ever. Ripped from old records and encoded in an awful low rate. But anyway. This is no overproduced indie folk shit, more the lo-fi bedroom recording approach. So I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.
[mp3] Buell Kazee - The Cowboy Trail
[mp3] Buell Kazee - The Wagoner's Lad

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