Magdalena Solis - Prophetic Dreams (Video)

Magdalena Solis
Prophetic Dreams (Video)

Magdalena Solis - Prophetic Dreams (Video)

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Genre: psych porn, krautrock
Label: Dying For Bad Music

This video describes Magdalena Solis music perfectly. Tinted in ecstatic purple red, exotic women move their bodys lascivious, graceful, sensual, mystic. Some footage reminds me on Walerian Borowczyk, but maybe I am wrong.
Cosmic harlots in a sacrilegious ecstatic dance. To a world where dreams are the only true prophecies.
The song ‘Prophetic Dreams’ appears on Magdalena Solis ‘s album “Hesperia”, released on Dying For Bad Music, 2011. Various footage mangled & distorted & mixed by Magdalena Solis. Tribal make-up pictures and ‘Venus del Sur’ drawing by Dolorosa ( Daggy Diva pictures by Jules Dazzle.

Pictures say more than words, so join that psychedelic mass (NSFW).

Magdalena Solis - Prophetic Dreams from DFBM on Vimeo.

You know that you can get the Magdalena Solis album Hesperia here at Dying For Bad Music? So go, order a copy!
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