MX - Ni Runder Modsols- MX: antologi: MM-MMX

Titel: Ni Runder Modsols
Undertitel: MX: antologi: MM-MMX
Kunstner: MX
MX: Theis Boisen Hansen & Michael Mørkholt
Musik & Teknik: MX
Omslag: Find Sten & MX
Master: Lupo
Forlag: Lille Kommune
Katalognummer: LK03
Oplag: 333
Distribution: Rillbar
Udgivelsesdato: 07.07.2011
Indspilningsdato: Juli 2000-Juli 2010

- MX: antologi: MM-MMX


Hav af perler og flydende guld (2.32)
Stenkredsen ligger i midten (2.11)
Der hvor fuglen bygger (3.28)
Ormesæk og sov (3.49)
Stormklokke over klinge (2.35)
Denne nats væsen er stilhed (1.50)
Stjerneteltet (0.55)

Et gemme bag stene (2.08)
Kvajevalsen (3.26)
Udesidning (2.48)
Nu lader guldtrommen tordne (4.36)
Bjerget skal smelte (1.38)
Omkring en forvreden akse (2.46)
At træde så mangen sti vild (1.24)

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Ni Runder Modsols- MX: antologi: MM-MMX

MX - Ni Runder Modsols- MX: antologi: MM-MMX

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Genre: Tape Music, Folktronica, Freak Folk
Label: Lille Kommune (DK)

Awesome, weird and creative music from Denmark. This is kind of an anthology over a period of ten years. It's recorded on (4 track) tape-recorders only. I suppose they used samplers somehow, but maybe they cut tape-loops the old way. Anyway - the music is a great mix of tape-manipulations, loop experimentation and folky parts with banjo, harmonica, violin etc. But maybe these are samples too. However it's really fun to listen to this record and you will discover always new sounds on each listen.
These two guys are still active as DJ's and artists. You should check out the Solhorn side project and some youtube videos as well as Boisen T. Hansen with nice lo-fi, homerecording psych-punk.

I suppose the vinyl record can be purchased over their bandcamp/webpage soon (Record is still in the press). So for now you can grab your digital copy from bandcamp ($9).

Thanks to another artist from Denmark who found this stuff and make contact with MX. Moongazing Hare / liberate the hanged


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