German Error Message - The Lifting

Written and recorded Summer/Fall 2011-Summer 2012
Paul Kintzing - words, singing, instruments
Joe Ford - Euphonium on I am trying
Kate Neff - Violin on The Sway
Spencer Wingate - Toms on No more songs

Additional recording by Cody Munholland
Mastered by Carl Saff
Released on cassette by Tent Revivalist Records

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German Error Message
The Lifting

German Error Message - The Lifting

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You miss the old The Microphones and Mount Eerie is too Heavy Metal for you? The Lifting by German Error Message is here to save you!

I don't want to put Paul Kitzing's musical creation into a drawer with just comparing him to Phil Elverums musical output. But The Lifting draws this conclusion like no other German Error Massage album before. And I don't want to say it's a bad thing.
It's more that Paul develops Phil's musical ideas further and put in his own soul.

The songs on The Lifting are mostly slow and melancholic, but at any moment they can building up to enormous wall of sounds accompanied by wind instruments, choruses and cymbal crescendi.

Even his singing comes close to... anyway, you get the idea... just play "What did you hold"...

Buy the album at bandcamp and the Tentrivalist Records put out a tape, so try to grab one. (I hope the stock of cassette tapes is cleared soon! This tape revival sucks. Do you sit in front of your boombox and fast-forward tapes to skip titles? Come on! I don't have the patience nor a tape player anymore! Although, I would welcome a revival of wax cylinders)*

Conclusion? A great album for lonely sundays feeling overwhelmed by everything.

*unneccesary rant

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