dfbm #61 – Best of 2013 Part I (Non-Folk)

dfbm #61 – Best of 2013 Part I (Non

dfbm #61 – Best of 2013 Part I (Non-Folk)

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Here are the DFBM Non-Folk Favorites 2013 (no acoustic guitars!) as an extensive 1,5 hours long program of Psychedelic Space Punk (or whatever). The list is in no particular order - just as it sounded good in the mix.
I hope you'll find something new! Post your list in the comments.

The Best Of 2013 Part II (Folk) will come over the next days.

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  • Beach Fossils ~ Clash the Truth – (from Clash the Truth Demos, 2013) Listen download
    Some critics say, Beach Fossils left the beach and followed their former guitarist into the post-punk/shoegaze sound of DIIV. Who cares, the demos are pretty nice, the album too.
  • We Are Wolves ~ Voices – (from La Mort Pop Club, 2013) Listen
    Not as good as expected, but this track is a nice synthy-space-punkish thing
  • Tocotronic ~ Eine Theorie – (from Wie Wir Leben Wollen, 2013) Listen
    Surprisingly great album by this german band. Great sound, weird lyrics.
  • Land of Blood and Sunshine ~ Big Pygmy – (from Servants of Light, 2013) url
    Favorite garage psych and featured many times on DFBM. Matured, full band sound, great vinyl edition. Not as powerful as their previous releases, but still great harmonies, melodies and high trip factor.
  • Suuns ~ Minor Work – (from Images du Futur, 2013) Listen download
    Psychedelic electro rock. The synthy in Minor Work is just sick!
  • True Widow ~ Fourth Teeth – (from Circumambulation, 2013) Listen download
    Slow burning Fuzz Rock from Texas. 
  • Girls Names ~ The Olympia – (from The New Life, 2013) Listen download
    Started as a dark garage surf band and with The New Life they ended up in the eighties post punk era, adoring Bauhaus, David Bowie, Sisters of Mercy and so on. I totally love this album!
  • Holograms ~ A Blaze On the Hillside – (from Forever, 2013) Listen download
    Swedens Pride... cleaner and more epic but without loosing ther teeth. Great post punk with the emphasis on punk!
  • Motorama ~ Eyes – (from Eyes, 2013) url listen 
    All time faves. Their last long player Calendar wasn't as great as their earlier stuff, but this single is a nice upbeat, dance number.
  • Dinner ~ Girl – (from Girl EP, 2013) listen 
    Weird synth pop from Denmark. Nice!
  • Tropical Popsicle ~ Tethers – (from Dawn of Delight, 2013) url listen download
    Post-Punk and Space-Pop - right up my alley!
  • Lumerians ~ Life Without Skin – (from The High Frontier, 2013) listen download
    They never disappoint me. Psychedelic Rock without endless, boring jams. Great trip music with bubbling synths, driving basslines and drums.
  • Junip ~ Your Life Your Call – (from Junip, 2013) listen download
    Indie-Space-Pop, great production, fat synth lines and laid back. Good for driving through the night.
  • Fishboy ~ IMAVOLCANO – (from IMAVOLCANO, 2013) url listen
    Lots of volcanic engery on this 7" by Comic-Punk Fishboy
  • Nerve City ~ Chemtrails – (from Asleep On The Tracks, 2013) url
    I thought the most lofi garage rock band disappeared, bu here they are with a great new album in a decent recording quality
  • La Luz ~ Sure As Spring – (from It's Alive, 2013) listen download 
    Heard it first in a record store in Atlanta and got caught by the solid surf tunes and the Stereolab harmonies. I realized I saw the cover on the internet before, but never investigate into the music (because the artwork didn't speak to me). So this was a big surprise.
  • Youth Lagoon ~ Third Dystopia – (from Wondrous Bughouse, 2013) listen download
    Colorful electro psych pop. Enjoyable summer jam - even without being high...
  • Aavikko ~ CCCP Vs USA – (from Planet Fun-Fun, 2013) download
    Finlandia Electro Disko - I like their early stuff better - but they still have the human drum machine and sequencer and their synthies run on steam.
  • The New Lines ~ The Frog Whisperer – (from Fall in Line, 2013) listen download
    Space-Pop at its best. Not from this world!
  • Moon ~ Bliss – (from Moon, 2013) url
    nice EP. Are they using Sonic Youth's "Washing Machine"?
  • Crystal Stilts ~ Sticks and Stones – (from Nature Noir, 2013) download
    No surprises... Solid!
  • The Market Squares ~ Afternoon Tide – (from Afternoon Tide b/w Inside My Mind, 2013) url listen
    Neo Psych Pop by Paul Messis, UK. Fun 7" - highly recommended - although - it's sold out.
    Collaboration project between UK based singer-songwriter Paul Messis and Nashville Psych band The Sufis members Calvin Laporte and Evan Smith​
  • The Space Agency ~ Bombay Potatoes – (from Bombay Potatoes b​/​w Purple Power, 2013) buy & listen
    The Essence of Neo-Sixties-Psych-Pop, such a killer tune! 
  • Jacco Gardner ~ Chameleon – (from Cabinet of Curiosities, 2013) listen download
    Under some rare conditions, American music labels are looking over the ocean and even sign a Dutch Sixties-Psych-Pop-Prince like Jacco Gardner. But this happens just once in a blue moon... But good for him and us, he's really good.
  • Einar Jullum ~ Alltid ensom, alltid trist – (from Hjerteknuser- og andre blues, 2013) listen and download
    It's a shame that this album didn't get enough recognition. It's wonderfully produced, it's absolutely enjoyable spacey Indie Rock (I wouldn't describe it as Blues in fist row) and it's sung in Norwegian and didn't got advertised with a bullhorn.

That's it... leave a comment if you didn't like it. Complain about something, post your own list etc...

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