dfbm #91 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. V

dfbm #91
Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. V

dfbm #91 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. V

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A new edition of my mix(tape) series “Songs of Wild Nothing”. Two hours of vernacular electronica, psych folk, fake world music and desert blues.

Initially I planned this to be a pure drone, ambient mix, but I fell asleep while compiling it.

Enjoy some early and obscure electronica by Laurie Spiegel and Ursula Bogner, as well as the early work of Frank Brettschneider (Stein im Brett) of Raster-Noton and The Revenant soundtrack fame.

Braden J McKenna reactivated his old shoegaze band project Weighted Pines after he was releasing mostly new age and ambient music on Inner Island. Very prolific guy in the past. I lost track, so I don’t know what he was doing the last 5 years. (I guess this is one of his side projects.)

Please check out the Lukas Read release Neo Age, it’s a great release of cosmic fingerstyle guitar and for this mix I’ve chosen the drone piece “Draga”.

Anubian Lights was my favorite space rock group for a while. They did some great albums in the late nineties, somewhere between lounge music, exotica and space rock. “Naz Bar” was probably the most popular. Nice sequencer-synth-bleeps on “Vision Of A New Homeland”.

I spare you more blurb. Nobody is going to read that.

Hopefully you like this mix and please spread the word and subscribe to the newsfeed to not miss any new music.

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  3. Kenneth Johnston Prepared Guitar Rhythm A Texas Travel Guide: The Best of Kenneth Johnston and The Curable Interns Vol. 2 2004 web
  4. Doc Holiday (I Dreamed I Went) Sailing Last Night Lady Free 1980 discogs
  5. Diente de Madera The Cuckoo Nadadura 2016 web
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  7. Razen Reaper Endrhymes 2016 discogs
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  14. Jeremy Harris Release Technique I Ages 2016 web
  15. Egle Sommacal Becco D’Anatra Tanto Non Arriva 2009 discogs
  16. Scott Hirsch Raga Of The Sea Blue Rider Songs 2016 discogs
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