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Rodriguez Flamingo - Emporiosa

Rodriguez Flamingo

Genre: Easy Listening, Lounge, Retro Label: self Finally I got this obscure release by Comodore Professore Rodriguez Flamingo on disc. Flamingo is part of the german surf/trash/beat combo Los Banditos and a prolific multiinstrumentalist with the …
Die Jungen - 2011 - $

Die Jungen
2011 - $

Genre: Reverbed Sixties Pop Label: self Why did these Brits choose a german bandname (The Boys)? But ok, "The Boys" play some very american influenced early sixties pop with some surf notes, close dance ballads, squeaky combo organs (♥) and lot …
[Video] The Skywalkers - Song For Cat

[Video] The Skywalkers
Song For Cat

Here a pretty good live version of Song For Cat. Just in case you missed the great record Year One by The Skywalkers. [mp3] The Skywalkers - Song For Cat (live) 10/10 …
The Skywalkers - 2010 - Year One

The Skywalkers
2010 - Year One

Genre: Freak Beat Label: self Yeah, this is the shit. Two young men from the Netherlands travel back in the past, stopped at Suicide's rehearsal just to take away their farfisa organ and travel far back to the mid sixties when al …
[Video] some hipster shit

[Video] some hipster shit

# video, beat
Genre: Beat Lots of hairdos, big guitars, crazy choreography and melodies that stuck in you ear. Check out the awesome Coverversion Monday on my Mind by german band Abwärts at end of this post (with FM Einheit and Mark Chung, later Einstürz …
Los Banditos - Super Mono

Los Banditos
Super Mono

Genre: Garage, Porn Beat, Rock'n'Roll, Trash, Surf, Reggae, Grindcore, Punk Label: No Label (Tour CD) Similar Artists: Messer Chups German Garage/Porn Beat Supergroup with a limited release, all recorded in the basement. Rare CD with some Coverversi …

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